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For Rohani ilaj to treat Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety are a lot of a spiritual problem than a physical problem. once your soul feels that one thing wrong is happening, then that feeling manifests into depression and anxiety. As Allah says within the quran ‘Truly, only in the remembrance of your Allah, will hearts attain peace’ (13:28).

Sometimes, depression and anxiety also are known as due to effects of black magic.

To treat depression and anxiety, we have a tendency to treat people through Quran.

we have a tendency to sit down with you and hear your scenario or issues so treat with you with Ruqyah (rohani ilaj) however is rohani ilaj done to treat Depression and Anxiety?

  • we read quran upon you, also known as dum.
  • we read Quran upon water and provides it you to drink it.
  • we read Quran upon water for you’re taking a shower with.
  • we’ll consult you, to create a correct guideline specifically to fit your daily routine. most are completely different and with different capabilities.
  • we’ll orientate upon the proper methodology of treatment.
  • we’ll guide you upon the correct theology (Aqeedah) we’ll offer you protection duas for daily use.
We have now opened a dedicated rohani ilaj center Rohani Shifa in Punjab Pakistan. For appointments;

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15 min. | USD $30

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40 min. | USD $65

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