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Introduction Of Rohani Shifa

Rohani Shifa starting of worried people who effected by jadu jinnat asaib nazar e bad and others Rohani Problems. Rohani shifa's Spiritual Scholar M.Haider is one of most Influential Spiritual leader . his Rohani shifa healing service working over 200 countries worldwide. M.Haider has a Master in Islamic Studies and Qualified in Fazal Tibb UL jarahat by National council For Tibb. and is considered to have re-invented or re-introduced to the modern world, many lost and forgotten spiritual recipes & remedies prescribed to us by our noble prophet Muhammad (SAW) and other great Islamic leaders and elders of the past. who he prescribes duas or ayats from Quran to read as a prescription and remedy to many modern day mental, physical, social-domestic and spiritual problems. His talks and publications have been very popular in countries around the world where there is a huge increase with mental health issues, suicides, the interactions and negative effects of the jinn, evil eye and/or in the use of the black magic in resolving social-domestic, family or financial issues. His talks and academic contributions have been welcomed by his millions of followers around the world who believe he has revied the Quran and Sunnah on the subject, and attested to the benefits of these revived teachings. The whole house is a religious house of M. Haider and your father is also a great spiritual religious scholars. Grandpa was also the wali Allah. ha

Introduction & Overview Of Rohani Shifa

Many Skin Colors. One Ummah. No Racism in Islam. We believe in one God. We at Rohani Shifa try to solve problems of people who are unable to find the right person to fix their problems. Allah is the one who indeed solves the problem, we are only your referral. The reason behind starting this website is very simple, we want to help more people. We want to solve more issues and this website is going to create a channel between you and us. We at Rohani Shifa offer Rohani ilaj services. We offer Online Istikhara, we give taweez and Wazaif and dua to solve your problems. We also offer Kala jadu ka tor service to remove black magic completely from its roots. Let us tell you about our service in Detail.

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